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Jim Jacobson, an American Institute of Architecture award-winning home builder and former owner of Tatoosh, purchased and lovingly restored Joie De Vivre.

Young Jim Jacobson with John Wayne

Jim Jacobson is a Seattle native with a long history of boat purchasing, restoration, and passion. His appreciation for the beauty and history of boats began in his youth, growing up on the beaches of Puget Sound in Seattle. He has fond memories of serving as first mate aboard John Wayne’s 136’ wooden yacht, Wild Goose, during his pre-college years, 1975-1977.

In 2018, Jacobson purchased Tatoosh, which to him represents what he calls ‘a technicolor life’—witnessing her art, beauty, and history each day on the water. He later sold Tatoosh to pursue the purchase and restoration of Joie De Vivre.

Investing in and restoring Joie De Vivre has been not only a tribute to John Wayne, (as a portion of the restoration proceeds have been donated to the John Wayne Cancer Foundation), but embody Jacobson's desire is to recreate the picturesque time period.

From the elegant glass compass at the ship's help to the polished teak desks, stepping aboard will transport you to a time and place of both magic and mystery.


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