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Picturesque Joie de Vivre, 'joy of living,' embodies the simplicity & splendor of the late 1950's.


Joie De Vivre 8.jpg

The French phrase, 'Joie de Vivre' loosely translates to 'keen or buoyant enjoyment of life.' As such, this beautifully restored vessel—a Chris Craft 40—was given her name in tribute not only to the picturesque time period in which she was crafted but to honor both its presence and purpose for years to come.

Lovingly restored by Jim Jacobson, master boatsman and former yacht first mate of John Wayne, this vessel is anchored in Newport Beach, California, and offers the opportunity for those aboard to be transported back to the grit, glamor, and grace of the late 1950s.

Joie De Vivre was purchased by Jim Jacobson in late 2016, transported to San Diego for restoration, and birthed in Newport Harbor where she rests, waiting for her next adventure.


To learn more about Joie de Vivre and where she is now, including a potential tour or pricing inquiry, contact us.

Tel: (206) 498-9525

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